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Much ado about a lot of stuff, to be honest.

One year ago today I received an email from my boss as I was about to rush out the door to start my commute to the office. The email was titled “Working Remotely”, and it simply said that some members of my team would start working from home “for now”. “Please add all upcoming meetings to your calendar so we can conduct them through Skype.

I had preemptively packed my laptop and charger before leaving the office the Friday before, as more news had started to pour in about this “deathly virus” that had started to take over my side…

“I loved you completely. And you loved me the same. That’s all.”

I remember the first day I saw the flakes of color cascading all around me. They were bright, filled with life, and they danced in the air like twinkling lights.

At first I was scared, because I had never seen such pretty colors, had never felt a kindness that could bring such a smile to my face. I was scared because I didn’t know where it came from, and how, and why it had chosen me to grace with its delightful whirl. …

Gabriel García Márquez once said that there is only one thing we have to learn about love: nobody teaches Life anything.

During my time on this Earth, I have learned that Life can have many faces. Sometimes Life can be a sea of tranquility, filled with gentle waves, much like the ones after a storm. It is serene, untroubled, and merciful. It allows our mortal souls to rejoice in its sweet-tempered embrace, reaping the benefits of our conquests.

Other times, Life is an abhorrent beast; untamed, ferocious, comprised of twists and turns that leave us clenching at our chests and…

A picture of me

I was relatively healthy when I was younger.

I was the kid that never got sick, and when I did it would only last a day or two before I was up and running again. I only visited the doctor once or twice a year for a check-up because that was sufficient, and I was always sent home with a pat on the back and a chart that indicated I was in top condition.

But that changed when I moved to the United States.

The story of how I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes is a little…strange. It’s not…

As social creatures, humans crave a certain level of reciprocity and engagement in their relationships. That’s supposedly the whole point of them after all; mutual benefit. Society has conditioned us to view connections as transactional, and to view those with the highest level of rewards (be it emotional, material, or otherwise) as more satisfactory. To put it in simple terms, we really like being around other people who make us feel good about ourselves and we really don’t like being part of relationships that are one-sided.

Because of this, there exists an invisible pressure that prompts people to engage in…

One minute I was standing near the curbside, my eyes fixated on the flashing lights above me, my mind not quite processing the reality it was experiencing. The next I was following the seemingly endless crowd in a delicate yet intricate dance through the busiest intersection in the world. The sound of the people surrounding me was drowned out by my beating heart, which dictated the pace at which my feet moved through the street. Despite how present I was in the moment, it felt as though I was witnessing the whole situation from above, far removed from my physical…

I don’t remember my “home.”

I mean, I do. I remember where I was born, and what the façade of my building looked like, and the view from my bedroom window. I remember the drive I took every morning in the backseat of my father’s car, and I remember the route we used to take to my grandmother’s house every Sunday. But I don’t remember what it felt like to be there, and for it to feel like “home.”

I remember the physical places, the streets, the buildings. I remember the locations, and the scenery. I could probably map out…

Victoria Smith

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